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Technology + Consulting = Magic

We combine consulting and technology to create outstanding experiences for your customers - from backend integration solutions, through process digitalization to innovative business models.

See what we can do for your organization?


Understand needs of customers and automate workflows thanks to AI algorithms and NLP.


Monetize data, optimize offering and use AI to improve customer service processes.


Provide personalized recommendations with the help of our AI-driven conversational UI.


Improve lives of citizens by providing relevant information and automating public e-services.


Improve lives of citizens by providing relevant information and automating healthcare e-services.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                                                                                         Albert Einstein


Solutions focused on the customer lifecycle to create echanting experiences in the digital space. Data-driven digital excellence at each stage of your customers' lifecycle. Innovation-driven ideas ready to become your competitive advantages.

Data-driven marketing to maximise conversions

digital channels strategy and development / digital products creation / user interaction design / UI/UX design of digital channels / front-end and back-end development and maintenance / marketing automation.

Analytics & data science

data analytics and visualization / data science models / data-in-motion analytics and decision rules design / data discovery, retention and anonymization / automated data managment / data warehouse and data lake architectures.

Business automation

process design and implementation / document management / API management / development and maintenance of integration services / workflow automation and optimization / SOA architecture design and implementation.

Cognitive technology

natural language processing / conversational AI / deep learning & machine learning / Cognitive Process Automation / document understanding / unstructured content analytics.

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We will change the way you feel about suppliers. We are the enthusiasts of solving business problems. This is what we are best at!